Buckingham McVie album among Top 50 albums of 2017

Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, June 9 2017Lindsey Buckingham Christine McVie is one of the 50 Best Albums of 2017, according to Rolling Stone. The magazine says the following about the duo’s debut album:

“Well, here’s an album nobody thought would happen – the first-ever collabo from Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie. It’s full of surprises, considering we’ve all spent years already listening in on both their private worlds. But these two Fleetwood Mac legends have their own kinky chemistry. When McVie jumped back in the game for the Mac’s last tour, the songbird regained her hunger to write. And Buckingham remains one of the all-time great rock & roll crackpots, from his obsessively precise guitar to his seething vocals. They bring out something impressively nasty in each other, trading off songs in the mode of 1982’s Mirage – California sunshine on the surface, but with a heart of darkness.”